Literature is always a great source of information—especially about trials, adversity, personal demons, triumphs, and the eventual continued journey. With all that laid out in books—whether physical, digital, or audio—is it any wonder that it is a highly successful industry? It is so successful that there is a constant flood of books in the market.

This can be quite confusing for people who are looking for a good read. Everything can be misleading just because it’s a famous name and a well-photographed cover. Even if you waited for reviews from magazines and publications, it can be highly possible that the reviews are biased or paid for by the author.

So in the end, what do you turn to? Well, hopefully, this leads you to more websites like Sportsbooks Radar! My name is Tristan Brooke and when I don’t have my nose buried in a book, I am an events coordinator. Through my job, I bear witness to a lot of humanity’s emotional fallibilities and even their capability for genuine goodness.
Through this website, I shall be giving you guys my wholly honest—and free—opinions about some of the sports biographies that have come out in the recent years. Did I mention that I live in Canada and certain books here might be a little hard to get? That being the case, I want you to know early on that I will be getting ALL my books from Amazon Canada.

I wanted to clarify this so that if you happen to like the subject of the review that I published, you know where you can get it from. Transparency is quite important to me so I wanted to get that out of the way. I hope that you continue to join me as I sift through different sports biographies!