Of Controversies and Greatness: Bill Belichick Makes His Mark

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The book that I got today is in hardcover form and came to my home roughly after 5 days of waiting. I will be honest and say that I was not so pleased about the duration that I had to wait to get this book. It was also a little banged up upon arrival so it was a little disheartening. So let’s get started on my next review!

Book Choice

Unnecessary Roughness

The book that I will be reviewing today will be “Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time”. This book is written by Ian O’Connor—someone who is not a stranger to sports or sports writing. He enjoys a lengthy career as a senior writer in ESPN’s website and has the respect of journalists all over the world.

This book focuses on the life, accomplishments, and controversies which surrounded Bill Belichick during his stint at being the coach of the New England Patriots. It was under Belichick’s leadership that the Patriots managed to bag 5 Super Bowl Championships—not a small feat in the least.

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I liked how this discussed much about the life of the subject in great detail. Despite not being written by the subject itself, it really feels like the story is being told from the eyes of Belichick. I particularly liked how we are able to see not just how the man lived and worked but also how his gruff face and supposedly controversial methods helped shaped those around him.

It is always wonderful to read more about how a life touches other lives—even in ways that they may not fully intend or realize. I personally liked reading about certain anecdotes that true football fans would be able to appreciate. It is something that even casual fans would be able to learn from. While it is always strange to analyze a life that isn’t our own, this book manages to accomplish it beautifully.

It doesn’t really spare the Belichick’s character from an unbiased view so readers will get to dive right into the best and the worst of the man. I would give this book 4 out of 5.

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