Russian Elegance and Determination: Maria Sharapova’s Rise

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The book that I got today is in paperback form and came at 2 days after I ordered it. This is a vast improvement over the last delivery and the book was in pristine condition. I cannot state enough how much that makes me happy. So let’s get started on my next review!

Book Choice

The book that I decided to do a review on is entitled “Unstoppable: My Life So Far”. This is written by the subject of the book itself: Maria Sharapova. This name is practically a household name because of her amazing performance in Wimbledon. If that doesn’t ring a bell, she actually managed to attain the number 1 world ranking at just 18 years old.

Her amazing career took off when she beat Serena Williams and kept on its groove. That groove earned her 5 Grand Slams. This book is penned by the athlete herself and it’s going to focus on her life as hinted by the title.

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If you like honesty, this is a book that you will enjoy thoroughly. The author is best known for her to-the-point motions and fluid yet efficient movement. This is something that you can come to expect from her book as well. Despite having English as her second language, there are very little contextual or grammatical errors.

This is important because it shows you how serious the thought and care that went into the book. Sharapova starts off her tale with her incredible adventure at just six year old with her father—knowing no English and having very little money. It is certainly something that will make you catch your breath at the sheer gusto and confidence that this must have taken.

I personally liked how upfront Sharapova was about both her strengths and weaknesses. It also doesn’t come off as bragging or self-depreciating. Instead, it is all matter-of-fact; just like the athlete herself. She doesn’t take this space to even call potshots at people who have gone beyond and above in their own biographies. This speaks to me of how classy she is and an athlete that is worthy of her achievements.

I enjoyed this book so much that I would give this book 5 out of 5.

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