Squandered Talent and Incredible Loss: Marvin Barnes the Bad Boy

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Bad News

The book that I decided to focus on for today’s review is “Bad News: The Turbulent Life of Marvin Barnes, Pro Basketball’s Original Renegade”. It’s penned by Mike Carey; someone who is no stranger to the NBA. He’s had a long career as a news editor for the Boston Herald. This is a rather poignant voice to tell the story as Carey actually had the disgraced Barnes stay with him for a while.

The book chronicles the life of Marvin “Bad News” Barnes. For a lot of basketball fans, the name will be familiar as the prime example of a talented person that could not get his life in order.

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This was quite a journey to read. It chronicles a life that was such a sheer tragedy from start to finish. It is stories like these that deserve to be told as cautionary tales and warnings for a lot of the younger set of athletes that get consumed by the glitz and glamour of the sporting world.

Drugs have often be part of the upper echelons of society—the crust where star athletes are often found. This book seizes the platform to relay what such vices and incorrect decisions can do to a person and to the lives that exist around that person.

This is a very human tragedy that we have seen in countless lives around us but they are truly captures and told in maximum effect when they are twined in the life of someone who had all the markings of being exceptional. I shan’t spoil any of the details for you but I think you should go read this book.

On a personal perspective, it was a little hard to read at times but that’s only because I feel the loss of talent keenly. It is quite difficult to find talent that’s just out on a silver platter and coupled with a rather endearing character to boot. I would rate this book with 4 out of 5.

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