Fists Heard around the World: Muhammad Ali’s Tale to be Told

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The book that I got today is in paperback form arrived the next day after I placed my order. This was a big surprise—a pleasant one, of course! Before we get started, let me just say how I appreciate all the feedback and the requests for book reviews! So anyway, let’s get started on my next review!

Book Choice

Muhammad Ali

The book that I chose for today is “Muhammad Ali: A Memoir”. This is written by Michael Parkinson—well that would be Sir Michael Parkinson. This British knight (yes, really) has quite a distinguished career in broadcasting and journalism. He also had a rather successful TV show wherein he had as guests the who’s who of the world.

Think of the man as Oprah but in the 60s. The book, as you can discern from the title is about Muhammad Ali, an iconic boxer than took the world by storm. The book focuses on the different interviews that Parkinson has held through the years with the boxer.

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I was hoping for a little bit more in-depth but it mostly ended up as a transcript of past interviews. While these are great, they are not really what you would expect from a book that claims to be a “memoir”. I was hoping that there were detailed anecdotes about the life and times of the boxer—his struggles and triumphs.

While we get to see how charming and well-spoken Ali is, there is too much of the author in the book that it doesn’t really leave much space for another person. It’s an unfortunate situation as there was more than enough space for both of them, I think.

This came off as such a waste to me because if I wanted to see old interviews, I’d load up YouTube where they have actual videos or audio clips of the interviews—at least then I’d be able to hear the words spoken by the man himself. It was really a wasted opportunity. I do appreciate how Parkinson did try to build the character of Ali up (as if it needed it).

In the end, it was lacking for me.

I give this book 2 out of 5.

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