A Story of Scandals and Supposed Truths: Rick Pitino’s Story

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The book that I will be reviewing today is “Pitino: My Story”. This is written by Rick Pitino himself. If you like basketball, this name will be highly familiar to you. His entire life was practically tied to this sport. He can be directly accredited to several final four achievements of different teams because of how Pitino helped build the teams.

He is a coach whose illustrious career was marred in one of the biggest scandals to ever hit collegiate basketball. The scandal is fairly recent so the book is a great way for Pitino to set the record straight—as he sees it—without anyone interrupting his words and his thoughts.

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This book was a bit of a doozy to read. It was pretty hard to follow at times because it really seemed that in the rush to tell his side of the story, it was an absolute mess. The subject changed quite quickly and several times, to boot. This made it quite confusing and honestly, nonsensical in the end.

This is such a shame since I really wanted to find out more about the role that the coach played alongside big corporations in their attempt to get the best sort of teams and the sponsorships that are aligned with them unto the court to play ball.

If you were looking for an in-depth and organized discussion of things, you won’t find it here. Instead, you will feel an overwhelming message that you must believe that Pitino is innocent of anything that they are saying that he did. Even if he was innocent, this book was such a slapdash attempt at clearing the air that he honestly looks a lot guiltier than he originally did.

It was thoroughly disappointing for me.

I give this book 1 out of 5.

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